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I am a multi-disciplinary designer who has had a long career working for both major print publishers in New York City and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. In these positions, I focused on creating Annual reports, books, brochures, and other print materials.
I hold both a Masters in Fine Arts from the Rochester Institute of Technology and a degree in Fashion Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology. Through the latter, I specialized in designing winter coats/jackets for brands such as Calvin Klein and creating CAD/ Tech Packs for production purposes. I also began my own small business, LingyaD New York, which focused on career-oriented women's businesswear.
I am passionate about continually learning about softwares and technologies relevant to graphic design. Within the last decade, I have dedicated myself to evolving my knowledge on web design and Adobe softwares. My most recent project was for a small business, in which I developed brand identity for an independent contractor. From physical materials to website design, I handled the entirety of the business's design needs.
This website showcases my extensive portfolio. I am comfortable working in fully remote, hybrid, or in-person scenarios, and am adaptable to your company's needs.

This website showcases my extensive portfolio. I also have a full home office/design studio with powerful computers and high speed Internet for working on projects off site.




Graphic Design

  • Publication Design
  • Page Layout Design
  • Logo & Branding Design
  • Marketing Project Design
  • 4 Color Print Design
  • 2 Color Print Design

Graphic design is the art of combining text & image into a unique visual statement that represents your brand.

This allows you to communicate with your target audiences easily through a variety of mediums, such as corporate identity, the marketing of promotional materials, and publications or websites for your business

Website Design

  • U. I. Design
  • Responsive Design
  • Web Design

Responsive layout design enables optimal user experience and the ability to preview user interface across various devices like a desktop, a mobile device, and a tablet with different screen sizes and resolutions.

This flexible system ensures that the layout and its various visual elements appear across platforms and screen sizes consistently.

This provides a comprehensive and efficient website to communicate with your target audiences.

Fashion Design

  • Tech Sketches/ CAD
  • Fashion Illustration
  • Tag & Label Design
  • Marketing Design
  • Design Collection

The art of applying aesthetics & design to clothing and accessories that represents you.

The experience of creating an on-line boutique which caters to the needs of today’s professional woman was the highlight of my design career.

I got to apply my graphic design for all of the marketing and branding needs as well as the making of my own collection.

The one-of-kind women professional collection provided various styles of jackets, skirts and pants that were tailored to fit the female body shape and can be mix & match to create your own look.

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